About Us

Dentist In A Box® is an Australian-owned company based in Melbourne.

Dental injury is often managed by well-meaning but dentally inexperienced staff relying on first aid kits containing no materials nor relevant instructions for managing this type of injury. Since 1996 when Dentist In A Box® became available there has been increasing interest by the media about the frequency of dental injury and the improved first aid care offered by Dentist In A Box® has educated the public about this distressing and disfiguring injury.

Dr. John I. Banky an Australian dentist with more than 30 years clinical experience developed the Dentist In A Box® product range. He remains committed to its long-term improvement.

Dentist In A Box® kits are listed with Therapeutic Goods Administration (Canberra) as medical devices. Dentist In A Box® products are listed in Australian Maritime Safety Authority under Marine Orders Part 10.

Since product launch in July 1996 the Dentist In A Box® range has penetrated several markets such as The Australian Defence Forces, mining and exploration companies, commercial shipping fleets, sports organisations such as Australian Institute of Sport, AFL Medical Officers an increasing number of sporting teams and schools within Australia and overseas.