Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Basic Dental Kit and Tooth Trauma Care?
A. Both kits can be used to provide temporary relief from lost filling, chipped tooth or irritation caused by orthodontic wire. Only Tooth Trauma Care can also provide immediate care for a loosened or knocked-out tooth. Tooth Trauma Care provides access to an online instruction manual accessible via PDA, smartphone (android & iPhone) or any mobile device.
Q. When can I use Dentist In A Box?
A. As a temporary replacement of a broken or lost filling, broken or lost piece of tooth. To stop irritation due to an orthodontic wire or sharp, jagged tooth on tongue or cheek.

Dentist In A Box® should not be used in the presence of swelling!
Q. What preparation of the tooth or mouth is required?
A. Rinse the mouth to remove any debris from the mouth and teeth.
Q. Is any mixing required?
A. Dentist In A Box® is no fuss no mix. The temporary filling material is ready to use from the tube! Apart from rinsing the mouth to remove any debris no other surface preparation is necessary.
Q. How long will the temporary filling last?
A. A dentist should be seen as soon as possible. Dentist In A Box® only provides temporary care! As the filling material placed in the tooth wears away with use fresh material can be added until professional dental care is located.

The tube of temporary material starts to harden slowly once the tube is opened (as mentioned in the instructions) becoming unusable within 6 months depending on storage conditions.
Q. Will I still have a toothache?
A. Covering the exposed areas of tooth will provide some relief. While painkillers may still be required noticeable relief may be achieved by lower strength preparations.